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Poltava Volunteer Group

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Poltava Volunteer Group

We are an association of organizations based in Poltava, Ukraine aiming to prevent and prepare for the possible risks posed by the situation with COVID-19.

Volunteers applied: 272

Our goals:

To search for and acquire the means and equipment currently in short supply: protective masks, antiseptics, personal protective suits, coronavirus tests and lung ventilators;

To set up a volunteer database in order to coordinate if necessary;

To work out possible situation development scenarios and protocols of actions.

To inform companies willing to assist, about existing needs and help opportunities.

Required urgently:

You can help with logistics or/and delivery or You can share useful information with us? Please leave your details in the form.

Considering the global coronavirus situation, we must be prepared for different scenarios. Doctors, vulnerable groups, governmental operational headquarters may need our help. For this purpose, we have joined our efforts in front of possible threats to accumulate our forces and resources as much as possible to collectively fight COVID-19.

Companies that have joined the aid